Speak Up.

The other day I went on a walk with God, and my puppy. I just had so much energy to get rid of and felt so trapped being inside for so long, so I threw on Nichi's leash, and bolted outside to the clean, fresh summer air. We ran all down the block and onto the walking path that borders the wheat field, then stopped to catch our breath.

We paused, and took in the sight of the vast prairies, bathed in the twilight glow. The sunset was washed in purple and pink hues, rays of light streaming out over the fields, and splashing the clouds with gold. The soft beige wheat swayed to and fro, dancing reflectively with every breath of summer breeze. The temperature was indistinguishably lovely- like soft, creamy foam lathering over my body. Everything was perfect.

The beauty of it all overwhelmed me, so I just started thanking God for it. For everything. For every little thing I could name that I saw, and that I felt, and that I heard, I thanked God. So, we got to talking. So many topics flew through our conversation, and my heart burned the whole time with every new revelation He gave me.

As we walked along and chatted, a stranger biked past me. I immediately hushed, for I had been praying out loud. And as he pedaled away, I felt a pang of regret. I apologized to God. Who cares if that man heard me praying? What would he have done? What could he have done? Why does it matter if I'm caught deep in conversation with my God?

Why Should I fear man, when you made the heavens? 
Why should I be afraid when you put the stars in place?

It's like friendship. If I was talking with a friend, just goofing off and having a great time, would I suddenly quiet down if someone else passed? Would I nudge them to zip it so that no one else could hear? Of course not! First off, that's downright rude. Second of all, being a friend with someone means you aren't ashamed to be friends with them! You love each other and care for each other, why does it matter if the world can see that?

In fact, isn't that the point of Christianity? To let our life songs sing louder than the songs in church? So that people walking by will know we are Christians by the way we live and talk? So, if that man heard me praying, maybe he would think, "Okay, that's weird." But maybe He would think, "Wow. That Christianese stuff really does extend beyond the church walls." Maybe he was a Christian himself, and it would've been an encouragement to him. 

But if he didn't hear me talking to God as I walked down the path with my dog, he probably wouldn't have held any of those thoughts. In fact, I would simply be another stranger enjoying the evening.

It's even on the top of my page! Romans 1:16! For I am NOT ASHAMED of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes!

I made it my blog's theme verse. I had originally hoped that it would carry over and shape my lifestyle, too. The way I reacted on my walk showed me that I am still ashamed. I am still embarrassed. I am still afraid of the judgment of man. And that's wrong.

We call Him our best friend. He is our Saviour. Our Creator. Our Father. How can we be ashamed of someone so mighty, so big, and so powerful? And yet, every time we turn away from Him and shun Him, He still loves us the same. That's something precious about God that human beings don't often portray. He isn't angry, but He's hurt. Yet, He will still stand by our side, waiting for us to come back and acknowledge Him, and spend time with Him. 

We shouldn't be hiding Christ, we should be boasting in Him! 

Galatians 6:14 ~ May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

After all He's done for us and promised us, the least obvious thing to be is embarrassed. It's so foolish! "Wow... He saved my life. I don't have to go to hell even though I'm a sinner, and He's going to spend the rest of my life with me.... that's embarrassing......" No! We just don't say that! But... sometimes, we act like we think that. Time to make a change.

My goal is to bring at least one soul away from the yawning gates of hell, and introduce them to the salvation that Jesus offers. I want to evangelize! to be out on the mission field, teaching the Good news! But that dream of mine won't sprout wings and fly any time soon if I'm too scared to actually live out what I believe.
I looked out again to the beauty of the fields and the coming night, and took a deep breath of pure, sweet air. The God who made all this is here. He's as real as that man who passed by on the bike. He must feel so hurt every time I pretend I wasn't talking to Him when another human might be watching. When, in reality, when others are watching- that's when we should be louder than ever! 

We're here to share Jesus! 

. . . . And that's kinda impossible to do in secret.