Like A Boss

"Why does God let horrible things happen to innocent people?" "Why doesn't he protect everyone?" "Why is God so unfair?"

Every individual that I personally know who does not aspire to Christianity gives those questions as reasons for their unbelief. They do not understand why God does what He does, and therefore, He is not a God they want to follow.

I have a question to ask in response to those: "Why do you question God?"

It may sound like simply a non-answer; a block, so to speak. In reality, I am getting my theory from the book of Job. No one said it better than God in Job 40:2~

"Do you still want to argue with the Almighty?
You are God's critic, but do you have the answers?"

The Bible is constantly stressing the blunt fact that everything belongs to God! Psalm 24:1~
The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it;
the world and all who live in it.

Since when is God required to answer to us, His own creation? How can we, nothing but mortals, nothing but blades of grass when it comes to the span of our lives, ever even begin to think that we can question the righteousness of God, who has been here for eternity?

He created the atom, the living cell, every proton and electron and neutron and photon and every other 'ton' you can think of. He invented every aspect of mathematics and science- all the scientists and brilliant thinkers of the world have barely scratched the surface of his unfathomable curriculum. 

He made us. He made us in His image. We are His priceless possessions- so where do we get off bossing Him around like we created Him? He gave us our lives, so why are we demanding that he route them a certain way for a certain length? Are they not his? Is it not His right to do as He pleases with His creation?

We are His handiwork. We belong to Him. He is a fearsome, mighty lion, waiting patiently. He watches as we spout questions- demanding answers for His action or inaction. We think we know better then Him. We think that we could do a better job running the world than Him.

And as we walk around, blabbing our heads off about how unfair He is, He watches us. He watches the people that He has made in His image. He watches our puny, fragile lives. The thing that holds Him back from wrath and punishment for our sin is His even more powerful LOVE. He is Love.

I heard an analogy once that perfectly describes the situation: The man of the house sits down to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Extended versions, I might add. That is a good 10 hours of watching. About a third of the way through the first DVD, the wife comes home from work, walks in the door, walks through the living room, past the man watching the movie. She glances at the screen for 5 seconds, and continues on her way to the kitchen. Later, she argues with her husband about the plot.

We are here for a moment! We are a tiny blip on the radar screen! God has been planning and orchestrating all of 'His''Story' Since before the dawn of time, and He already sees what is up ahead! 

Psalm 144:3-4~
O LORD, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? 
Or the son of man, that You think of him? 
Man is like a mere breath; 
His days are like a passing shadow.

We can spend all the time we want demanding that God answer to us why He let that child die of disease. His child. Not ours. We accuse Him of unfaithfulness and not caring what goes on in our world, completely ignoring every good and perfect gift which comes down from the Father of the heavenly lights.

He sees our confusion, He sees our bewilderment, He sees our bitterness. And He is in it all. All the confusion in the world would not change the plan that He has for it. What confuses me is the arrogance of humans. 

Isaiah 2:11-14~
Human pride will be brought down, and human arrogance will be humbled.
Only the Lord will be exalted on that day of judgment.
For the Lord of Heaven's Armies has a day of reckoning.
He will punish the proud and mighty
and bring down everything that is exalted.
 He will level all the high mountains and all the lofty hills.

Isaiah 2:2~
In the last days, the mountain of the Lord's house
will be the highest of all- the most important place on earth.
It will be raised above the other hills,
and people from all over the world will stream there to worship.

So, I understand that you may have just skimmed over those old-testament verses, but I'll have you know that those verses describe what will be happening in your future, and in mine. All our arrogance, all the things we think we know, our very lives that we have decided to take charge of- they will be brought down. We will be humbled. 

The Lord will have a mountain. It will be the highest of all- the most important place on earth. All those little hills that dot the planet right now, all those hills that think they are the tallest, most majestic mountains... they will be leveled. Nothing can stand in arrogance when the Lord takes His rightful place on the throne. 

That will be THE mountain. You will see it. I will see it. This is going to happen in the future, even though it seems like a distant dream or a fairy tale. Our ignorance and disbelief will be put to shame, as the Lord reveals His majesty. This is going to happen!

We may have questions now, and we may not know the answers until the end of this world.... But God is good. He is always good. He invented good. The things He does are good. We, human beings, are not good, so how can we expect to understand the things that God does? We are so sinful, so far off from perfection, yet we still think we can know about the righteous doings of God! No wonder we don't understand His actions- they are GOOD, and we are not. He makes us good. He gives us His wisdom. And one day, all will be made clear. I can only imagine.

Everything belongs to the Lord. Every life and breath was His to give, and is His to take away. Time obeys Him. Nature obeys Him. We don't have to understand, but we do have to have faith.

God is on the throne. He is in control.