Silent Solidarity

Today I participated (or, attempted to, at least,) in the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. Mouth closed, my eyes were opened. I didn't make it past 2:00- it was so very difficult.

At least four times, even though I was pursing my lips tightly together to refrain from speaking, a word or two slipped past my lips without me even noticing. It was as natural as breathing. I couldn't contain it. It was basically common phrases such as "Hi!" or "Thanks." or "oops!" or even just miscellaneous comments as the day goes by.

Though I gave up halfway through, (and I still feel pretty guilty about that,) I learned a lot through that experiment. I don't think about a lot of things that I'm saying. So many times did I have to bite my tongue at instinctive remarks that just wanted to fly out of my mouth. I had no thought to them at first, which is why I slipped up quite a few times- and usually it was other people that caught me. Later on, the slip-ups were less and less frequent, because I began to think about what I was going to say.

I learned that I talk way too much. Thoughts buzzed around in my head so much and I felt like I was going to explode for not being able to speak them out loud. Since when did my thoughts become so important? Nah, they never were. It's all in my head. Everyone survived just fine without hearing them. Humbling, ay? 

It was also one of the most helpless feelings I've ever had. I felt so... useless, but so isolated from everyone else. Although I could still respond to some extent, by nodding 'yes' or shaking 'no,' I couldn't engage in regular conversation. I'm so used to, whenever a thought crosses my mind that I want to share with my closest friend, I just tell them right there, right on the spot. Oftentimes something funny or interesting or confusing would come up, and I would want to discuss it with my friends, and share my thoughts. I couldn't. My ponderings were trapped inside my head- and it was quite scary to be honest. I felt alone in my head, like I had so much to share with people but there was no way that I could.

I wonder if the founders of the nation-wide event, Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity understood these feelings. It really did cause me to think a lot about what we were protesting. It's the American Holocaust. We once called African-American people a different species. We said they weren't human, and we were wrong. We called disabled people non-human. We were wrong. And now, we've degraded the unborn child to nothing. Legal to be killed by seemingly virtuous doctors. Since when has an individual had the right to take life from another human being as they seem fit? Never. That's God's job, and we're missing that!

Today, many opportunities came up where I could have helped another student. They were confused, had a question, and I knew the answer! I wanted to have a voice, and to share my opinion. Who knew it was so important? I had to let things go unsaid, and it was a terrifying feeling. I had to leave encouragements go unsaid- but what if that person really needed to hear some love? And I couldn't give it to them that way.

Solidarity - community of feelings, purposes, etc.

Over 800 schools officially registered to participate in this cause. That means thousands of students just like me shared in the feeling of utter hopelessness and final understanding of what is going on in our world. We were silenced for a day, not forever like millions of children are. My feelings toward this cause grew even stronger, as I'm sure many others' did as well. It was a day of silent solidarity. We shared in a community of feelings for one purpose, all without saying anything. It's truly amazing what happens when we just shut our mouths, and reflect. So humbling.

All day I felt in a daze, just thinking over all the frightening possibilities. What if someone grows up, but the one that could have been their closest friend, their kindred spirit, had been aborted when they both were that age? What if that someone who was aborted would have been the one to find a cure for cancer? Out of the fifty million people that have lost their lives legally since January 22nd, 1973, how many potential doctors have we lost? How many great Christian speakers have been ignored? How many world leaders have been extinguished? How many people will be left without the perfect spouse that was first intended?

It's a cause I'm growing more and more passionate about every day. I never realized the depth of the horror that's going on in our world, but I'm becoming more and more familiar with it every day. Babies are being brutally murdered every day, and we are doing nothing! We act like everything's fine, that there's nothing really wrong with it. I acted like that once, too. I realize now, with growing dread, this is the worst it's ever been. Strangling, poisoning, ripping to shreds babies who will never get to see the light of day, babies who had a God-given plan, people like you and me, that were not allowed to live. All this is sugar-coated in the lie that it's the mother's choice. "Why should she have to endure such pain if she doesn't even want to?" Our nation is becoming less and less chivalrous every day. Heroes used to sacrifice certain things to save lives. Not anymore. "If it hurts you, don't do it." That's society's thinking. The part that's left out is that the baby doesn't get a choice, just the mum. No one remembers that the baby is going to go through torture to fulfill the mum's excuse to not have a child. Innocence sacrifices its life for idiocy.

Psalm 127:3
 Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward

If you have any doubts or concerns or questions, or just to find some really great points, watch the 180 Movie. It's so great- I learned so much by watching it. Stick through till the end, it will all make sense in a truly amazing way.

We've had our silent solidarity. Time to make it NOT so silent, perhaps. We've fought for land, countries, freedom, religions, and other people groups who were horribly discriminated against. This is by far the worst it's gotten. Either we fight to end this, and follow God's cry, or we let it grow worse. A random fear that faded in and out of my mind as I thought of how popular abortion is growing and what it could potentially become... was The Hunger Games. Hmmm.....