Guatemala 2013

This was the trip that ignited my compassion. While Asia was the spark that started my passion for traveling, Guatemala was the fueling of that flame.

We had to work hard. We were up at 5AM every morning for days full to the brim with dancing, teaching, working, and learning. It was such an honour to see the miracles of God so evident in the village of Tactic, in the isolated mountains of this beautiful Latin American country. It was such a privilege to visit the homes of humble families, meet their children, and the highlight of it all was when we were given the chance to sponsor a child. How unique an experience it was to visit the homes of these children, and meet our own sponsor child face to face; To hug them, kiss them, shower them with gifts, and understand what our money would truly be going towards. To hear their gratitude in person rather than through a letter was overwhelming.

Even now, three years later, the memories are vivid. The unexplainable joy that we received through these long and tiring days has left an imprint on my heart. I can truly say that I have tasted the goodness of God, and there is no going back.

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