6 . 28 . 2013

So, we've set off. I'm very tired, but I'm sure the unsuppressed excitement will settle in tonight, when we head to bed at the hotel, because then I'll know that the next time I wake up, we will be about to board the plane.
     Right before we left, I had to drop off a package at a friend's house. As we were pulling out of their driveway to leave, his dad was pulling in. He walked to our window and we told him we were just about to leave on our Guatemala trip. With no hesitation he asked, "Can I pray with you?" So right there, in the middle of the small neighborhood street, he prayed for us. So cool that there are people in this world who have so much faith- prayer isn't just the napkin or the toothpick to them- it's the bread, meat, and butter. 
     I want to be like that. I can just feel that God is excited to teach me something this trip- we hadn't even left Three Hills and the lessons were already beginning to reveal themselves.