6 . 29 . 2013

     The day is here. We all just woke up. But now, here we are, and almost on our way to the plane! We have to be there by 4:45. There's no trace of sleepiness in THIS hotel suite... excitement has set in! God, PLEASE keep us safe, and let us come home in one piece!

Later...     probably around 7:20-7:40am
     We've taken off! We are still climbing- the seatbelt light is still on. Has it really taken this long to grasp reality? We're flying to Texas! And we all know what comes after that.
     I prayed all the way to the airport for a safe flight. I've never before had fear about crashing, but now I've been thinking quite a lot about it.
     We went through customs smoothly- some of my teammates said that I should someday--

WE ARE PASSING OVER THE BORDER! WE ARE IN THE US! Apparently there's a place called "Crazy Woman" in Wyoming.... I feel like I should salute. Or perhaps attempt the Star Spangled Banner, but no0 I would butcher it so bad that it would lose all its honour, so nevermind.

     As I was saying... they said I could definitely be one of those inspectors who examine you and see if you're the same person as on your passport. Haha, I agree. I would have so much fun with that job, just giving peopel "the eye" and totally freaking them out.
     So, I am not very good at this security business. Well, first off, (it doesn't have to do with me) we were weighing out suitcases, but one of my mom's was 5 pounds too heavy. It would have cost us another hundred bucks! So, we quickly took out some stuff and crammed it in one of the lighter suitcases. So, it all worked out.
     Then later, at the place with all the detectors, we had to put our bags and shoes into those bins. So I took off my shoes and put them in the bin. Then, the lady told Autumn, "If you're under 12, then you don't have to take off your shoes." For some reason, that really confused me. I had this puzzled look and just kept trying to clarify what she meant: "Under 12?" "Leave shoes on?" "If you're under 12 years old?" She looked a little annoyed. So, I took the shoes back out of the bin, about to put them back on my feet. She gave me a weird look before asking incredulously, "YOU'RE under 12?" I felt a little offended and replied matter-of-factly, "No! I'm over 12!" She just snorted and said, "Then put your shoes  back in the bin!" I was just embarrassed and tried to explain that I was just confused, but she wasn't really listening so I just walked on through.
     So there you have it, our brief time at the airport. Now we're flying down South to Dallas- coolio! 

Later...    11:something
     We're descending to Texas. My ears are popping- the right one hurts a LOT. I'm sitting in between Mrs. Seeley and Lily. 
     We can see the city of Dallas really clearly, it's a bright and sunny day. We're getting close to landing time.
     Dallas has a big lake, lots of trees, but nothing too exciting. The most exciting part is simply the fact that we are in Texas!
     I have butterflies in my stomach from the small drops- fun! Can't wait to get out. We are pretty much at the airport... so close to the ground.... almost there.......... ----------- There's the landing! We're careening down the runway. Slowing down.... AND WE'RE HERE!

Even later...     3:20pm
We've been in Texas for a long time now. Mrs. Seeley, Lily, and I ate at T.G.I. Friday's. Apparently it's a pretty common eatery in America. It was so yummy- pretzels (the big, crispy, seasoned, bread kind), and a New York cheddar bacon burger. So good. The pretzel-bread-stick-things came with beer-cheese sauce! Weird, eh? I 'ate' alcohol- didn't taste weird. Actually, I could'nt really taste it at all. (Not that I even know what beer tastes like...)

WAY Later...      5:something
     P.S. why didn't I think to bring a watch?
     So, this is the 2nd time we're doing this today. We've loaded the plane that will carry us to Central America. 
     Did you know that America's two official languages are English and Spanish? It makes sense, but it's still cool.
     -Just a side note, our male flight attendant looks a lot like Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit.
     -the girl beside me is dancing to the music on her headphones, haha.
     I think this plane is full, which surprises me. You wouldn't think a lot of people would want to go to Guatemala...
     I am a loner. For some reason, all our seats are really spread out. Teresa, Megam and Mrs. Brown are all sitting together in seats 9. Carson has 28. Autumn and the rest of my family are in 26, Seeleys are maybe in 27. The Williams' are in 14, and here I am, all alone in 16C. I have an aisle seat, which is nice, I guess. There is a solid tray in the seat beside me, and a nice-looking middle-aged woman occupies the window seat. I wonder if I'll talk to her over the course of this trip.
     When we first landed in Texas, it was so cool! You know how the flight attendant will say something like, "Enjoy your stay in Dallas, thanks for choosing American Airlines, we hope to see you again soon."? Well, I don't know who, but someone must've talked to her and mentioned our mission's trip to Guatemala because she announced, to the whole plane, "And a special thing: good wishes to the Mission's Team headed to Guatemala later today!" ...how cool is that?!

     We've taken off. We've officially left Texan soil, and are Guatemalan bound! I stiill feel like this is a dream, probably because I am so very exhausted. we've been going non-stop since 3:40am! Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe thus far. <3
     At the airport we played Dutch Blitz. Originally, we were scheduled to leave at 4:10. But, here we are, and it must be around 5. I am totally dozing. I keep on drifting off and then jolting myself awake but boy, am I ever tired! Wowzers. I want so badly to be able to sleep, but I need to write my testimony over the course of this flight. I can barely keep my eyes open! Yawn!!
     The flight in its entirety is to last approximately 2.5-3 hours, or so we've been told. Plenty of time to write a whole testimony... and still get some sleepin in, I hope.
     At the Dallas airport, Mrs. Yourk got us to go through a couple of our dances, right there in the middle of the walkway! It was fun =) As we were dancing, we had to pause because a large group of people were passing through, all wearing bright orange t-shirts. Of course, we were curious. Turns out, they were from Kentucky, and they were setting off on a mission's trip to Costa Rica! How neat!
     Lord, please remind me at all times to pray for:
     a.) the new graduates
     b.) the Costa Rican team
     c.) the Bolivia team, soon to set off
So, the sooner I write this testimony, the sooner I'll get to snooze.
     It doesn't feel like only 5:something, since I've been up since 3:40. It feels like it should be way later. Our flight is expected to land at 8:15 in Guatemala City.
     We are heading through quite a bit of turbulence. The Captain predicts 20 minutes or so of this bumpy ride. Oh, Lord, protect this flight.

Still on the plane...
     We must be getting somewhat close by now... I am wondering if in summer it gets dark earlier than in Canada, since we're going south. It's already getting dark outside, but it must be only just past 7 o'clock. The clouds are dark black, but to our right, (to the West, I guess?) there is a beautiful sunset. The hot pink light was shining in through the window before, and the clouds surrounding us looked like cotton candy.
    I finished writing my testimony, and the woman beside me is very lovely. She likes to talk, so we've been talking about dance, and she's been asking all sorts of questions about our mission's trip. I think she is a Christian because she commented on my bible and how well-studied it looked, and she showed me an app on her tablet for the bible. Neat! It's encouraging.
     All of a sudden it looks pitch-black outside. I can't see a thing, except for the continuous red flashing light of the airplane wing.
     I forgot to write about this earlier, but in Texas, the runway was so weird! It felt so funny and wrong, because part of it was actually on a bridge! And underneath that concrete bridge, was the highway! It must be strange being one of those drivers, especially if you weren't accustomed to driving in Dallas. Just imagine driving down the driveway and all of a sudden, right in front of you, a massive jet touches down. I think it would throw me off- I'd probably crash from watching it- it just looked so... wrong! Hahah!
     I feel like we will be landing soon, because everyone seems to be getting restless, and the "house lights" have turned off. I'm starting to feel slightly clausterphobic and can't wait to land. I can't wait to SLEEP.

Almost ready to land     ??? o'clock
     I think we are ready to land... or we're beginning to make our descent. My ears are starting to feel a little bit plugged, and the seatbelt light is on. It's pitch black outside. I hope we're not crashing... =( I think everything is fine, even though things do seem a little off.
    Yep! We're landing! The captain just announced it. Do you know what that means? Guatemala! A new Country! Central America! Another place checked off the bucket list! We're almost there!!!
     To be completely honest, though... I'm mostly excited to SLEEP!!! It's so dark in here... I wonder how humid it will be there. The funny thing is, it's not even very late. On a regular day at home, I wouldn't even be thinking about bed yet. In fact, it's probably still pretty bright out back in Three Hills.
     Ears are beginning to pop... I can't see a single thing outside, so it's hard to judge how close we are to land.. I wonder what the- AHHHHH!!!!!! I see the ground! The lights of the city! We've almost made it!
     We're in another part of the world! Woohooooo! There are so many lights. The captain said it was 23 degrees out when we left... it's probably cooler now- and I wonder about the humidity. This is so exciting! I'll have to neglect recording the exact moment we land on Guatemalan soil, because I want to just take it all in. So long!

     SO COOL! After all the hassle of the airport and tension because of exhaustion, we have arrived! I love it.
     We got into 2 Impact Ministries trucks/vans/idon'tknowwhats, and of course, there's no seatbelts. The driving was sweet- just like mama used to do it. CRAZY! It was fun.
     We got to our... place. I'm too tired to write properly. They had pizza waiting for us- yum.
     Our family's room is super nice- it feels so... Guatemalan! LOL. It's huge, has a wall divider, steps going down into it from the door, and six beds. 2 of them or doubles. It's so pretty. I chose the bed right by the window. I don't think the windows will block out any noise whatsoever, which I like. We can hear Guatemala City that way!
     The window has a cool nook-type thing, with curtains and everything. I'm sitting there right now. We have to fold our toilet paper, not flush it. It'll take some getting used to; I love this!
     Tomorrow we're going sightseeing. I'm excited. Good Night!