7 . 5 . 2013

   Oy. Today has been... odd. I got to sleep in until 11:30, but only because I had been vomiting all night long! I was so very sick- it was terrible! But I am feeling better now. I had to miss out on the presentation at Chijacorral, which was sad. Jasmine said it's a typical Guatemalan sickness, but most people get it for 7-10 days. She said when she gets it, she vomits day and night nonstop for at least a week. She said it was surprising that I got over it so quickly. I hope I'm completely better....
     So anyways, our afternoon has just begun, and it's been lovely.
     Checked off the bucket list:
          -eating lime/chilli ice cream (EWWWWWWW)
          -getting a Guatemalan sickness (I guess that wasn't really the 'lovely' part...)
        *-getting my own SPONSOR CHILD!*
     Her name is Ana, and she's in grade 4. She is so beautiful and sweet. I can't wait to sponsor her. 
     We went to her house to meet her- she kissed me so many times. I gave her a gift: a ribbon, a bracelet, crayons, hair elastics, and shampoo. We also gave her family a food package: rice, beans, coffee, soap, and more! We are visiting everyone's sponsor child.